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AMBRIO - good luck amber stone-silicon bracelets

AMBRIO fashionable good luck amber silicon bracelets at

AMBRIO is a fashionable bracelet containing
100% authentic amber stone from the Baltics.

Partnered with top-grade silicone, our exclusive design allows the amber stone to come in direct contact with your skin that fosters its innate positive properties. There are wristbands that can track your steps, observe your sleep patterns and detect the sun's penetration. Disney even has a magic band, but none of them can bring you good luck and positive energy... until now.

Many legends about the good look brought amber have travelled through time. Its believed that amber draws off negative energy from the body and transmutes it into positive energy that purifies the body, soul, heart & spirit. 

The Greek word for amber is electron - that where the term electricity comes from. Amber, being sort of electricity capacitor, helps people to recharge and get rid of bad energy.

Amber is also called 'a stone of purification'. As the 'stone' symbolizes the energy of Sun, it is believed to awaken good spirits and positive feelings.


WHAT is AMBER - Scientifically speaking, Baltic Amber is a fossil resin from Sciadopityaceae family plants that has achieved a stable state through oxidation, the action of micro-organisms and other processes. Leaving the scientific terms aside, it's a material that resembles a stone or a gem but is neither.


While having AMBRIO created, we have purposefully strived to retain the beauty of historical long-lived traditions as well as the power of tomorrow’s technology. We are convinced that with the twist of modern application, the wisdom our ancestors retained can be successfully presented.
Effective is not always raucous and then sublime does not necessarily mean the biggest, that is what we utterly believe in. Therefore, when creating AMBRIO the greatest aspiration was to provide the most suitable shape for our product in any sense. And this undoubtedly has required patience. Indeed, when you have an urge to elevate your product to its best quality having all the features of estheticism, originality, and then seek for the price and ergonomics balance, the equanimity is essential.
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