MALKO jewellery

Alina MALKO jewellery, Lithuanian designer silver earings

MALKO – contemporary jewellery earrings collection inspired by daily geometrical forms.

MALKO – contemporary jewellery brand based in Lithuania.
The creations are made from epoxy resin, wood and sterling silver (925) details. Jewellery designer Alina Malko is influenced by simple geometric shapes which surround us in life. That’s why she transforms those shapes by curved, jaggy and irregular lines and thus creates her earrings collection.

All pieces are handmade and unique - it is impossible to make the second identical earring, so if you own Malko jewellery creation, it certainly will be the only one in the world!

“Usually when I start my work I never know how the creation will look like at the end of the process. Every shape or texture I make depends on how I cut the epoxy resin block before. This process is very interesting. After that, I always polish pieces three ways. But still, I never feel like I need to polish them perfectly, because of every groove, air bubble or imperfect shape shows handcraft's beauty and uniqueness” – says the designer. 

Alina Malko