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Rope inspiration for home decor

Hand-made rope crocheted table coasters, baskets, pouffes, cushion covers, carpets and crocheted inspirations for Your cosy home by Lithuanian designer RopeDeco in Flamingolandia.

Hand-made baskets are very practical - the crocheted baskets can hold a multitude of items as well as serve many other purposes.

In the bathroom, they are perfect for both men and women to store their toiletries, combs, brushes, towels, medicines, and much other useful stuff. In the kitchen, our family uses the crocheted baskets for keeping fruits and vegetables, nuts, sweets, and cookies.

In the kid’s room, the most popular content of baskets is, surely, toys and books. Girls, like keeping their hair accessories or just about anything tinier in the baskets, meanwhile smaller baskets, can be used as pen and pencil cases.

In a living room, you would most often use baskets to hold magazines, newspapers, remote controls, and even as clothing for indoor flowerpots. The hallway gets way less messy when crocheted baskets hold your keys and other small items. 

Crocheted carpets have a very pleasant texture, which is so nice to walk on when barefoot, and they are also a perfect playing area for the kids.