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Women's Accessories - earrings, bracelets, rings, jewellery

Find your style with our different designers accessories collection: earrings, bracelets, rings, jewellery.

AMBRIO is a fashionable bracelet containing 100% authentic amber stone from the Baltics. Partnered with top grade silicone, our exclusive design allows the amber stone to come in direct contact with your skin that fosters its innate positive properties. There are wristbands that can track your steps, observe your sleep patterns and detect the sun's penetration. Disney even has a magic band, but none of them can bring you good luck and positive energy... until now.

COCO MAROCO - is new brand jewellery, created for women who exceptionally value quality, delicate details, elegance. Every piece is exclusive and unique. The used materials that are totally natural, such as stones and leather, lets you dream and travel together with colourful Morocco spirit and Lithuanian sense of style. Unconventional use of traditional materials will only enhance every women's desire to look inimitably. Find that one created for you!

MALKO contemporary jewellery brand based in Lithuania.
The creations are made from epoxy resin, wood and sterling silver (925) details. Jewellery designer Alina Malko is influenced by simple geometric shapes which surround us in life. That’s why she transforms those shapes by curved, jaggy and irregular lines and thus creates her earrings collection.

VIŠTA is a handmade accessories, made of unbreakable polymer clay beads and pure love. That’s why each of them is slightly different in shape or smoothness. And what about VIŠTA colors? Beyond questions, those are dedicated for people who love the spring, life and themselves. Each piece of VIŠTA accessories comes in a stylish packaging and makes a perfect gift.

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