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GIN'KO Textured Watercolor Graphics

Introducing GIN'KO Textured Watercolor Graphics by studioequinox

GIN'KO Textured Watercolor Graphics by studioequinox

GIN'KO is a watercolor textured set inspired by the ancient oriental rice paper textures and the airy ink graphics. A more romantic twist had been added to it, making it more actual and versatile, still keeping a classic and elegant feel. This collection features a variety of premade graphics that are ready to use in PNG format with transparent background, as well as many DIY elements that will give you total design freedom.

GIN'KO Textured Watercolor Graphics by studioequinox in Graphics  Objects

  • 23 floral elements featuring the beautiful ginko leaves and magnolias
  • Alphabet A to Z in lowercase as well as 1-0 numbers, ampersand and interrogation & exclamation signs.
  • 4 pre made wreaths
  • 4 pre made frames
  • 6 patterns
  • 2 paper textures one in dark grey and one in light beige If you would like to change the texture on the letters, all you need to do is add one of existing patterns on top of it and clipping it in Photoshop. Or if you would like to dress your letters in one of the paper textures, you can do the same and then add flowers around it for a more romantic typography design - the sky is the limit!

FREE DOWNLOAD TILL the 11-th of March

 GIN'KO Textured Watercolor Graphics by studioequinox

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