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Neck pendant - Wood stories by PAKA BINTI | Flamingolandia

Neck pendant - Wood stories by PAKA BINTI

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Neck pendant -  Wood stories by PAKA BINTI

This white neck pendant was created using epoxy resin and dying it with potent inks & nature wood details.

This is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind product that will become an eye-catching component of Your accessories.

Epoxy resin is a heavy-duty waterproof material similar aesthetics to glass, however, is a lot stronger.

Natural cotton impregnated twine with silver tips.

Intertwined in various shades of blue with special black oak shavings. Everyone can be delighted.

Size: ~ 3cm 

Me and Him. Our leisure experiments with epoxy resin, wood, cement, shades have grown into an obsession. Slow Meditation, Technical Skills, Close Look, Fantasy
 P A K A. B I N T I  -  Unique Jewellery

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